Undergraduate Education at Penn State

Advancing Academic Excellence and Innovation

The Office of Undergraduate Education is a catalyst and leader for innovative change and improvement in services and programs that shape the undergraduate student experience. Across the University, Undergraduate Education initiatives are designed to ignite curiosity and expand opportunities that in turn increase accessibility, promote engagement, and empower students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

By working closely with faculty and academic units, Undergraduate Education leads in the creation of stimulating learning environments inside the classroom while also providing avenues for intellectual growth outside of the classroom. From orientation programs, to financial literacy, to undergraduate research, the unique services provided by Undergraduate Education allow students to explore, discover, and excel on campus and contribute as citizens in communities around the world.


Priorities for Undergraduate Education include:

  • expanding learning opportunities that facilitate application and integration of academic knowledge including undergraduate research and public scholarship;
  • collaborating across the University to enhance the first-year student experience;
  • providing leadership to integrate and coordinate curricular offerings across campuses and colleges;
  • promoting quality and consistency of academic advising;
  • coordinating and increasing opportunities for e-learning;
  • expanding assessment of educational outcomes.


From orientation programs to scholarship support to involvement in research, the services provided by Undergraduate Education engage students in learning on campus and in communities around the world. With your support, students have the freedom to explore and take advantage of these opportunities as they strive to become responsible leaders. If you are interested in making an impact today, please consider contributing to the current opportunities in Undergraduate Education listed here.


To learn more about Undergraduate Education at Penn State, visit undergrad.psu.edu.

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